Michael Harnish

My name is Jay Michael Harnish; however, most people call me Michael. I grew up in Lancaster, PA but moved here permanently after attending college in the ‘burg. After living in the city for a few years, my wife and I purchased a farmette in Singers Glen, VA where we raise our two kids.

I became a REALTOR to guide others through the process of choosing a house to make into a home because it is a life-altering decision that most only get to make a few times in life. I love houses – the architecture, the construction, the unique characteristics of each home whether 2 years old or 200 years old.

I have too many hobbies for too little spare time! Also, I enjoy playing guitar, making wood projects, renovating my home, gardening, raising animals, and playing with my kids.

Contact me at any time to discuss how I can help you achieve your real estate goals.

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