Lana Doughty

I grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia where I attended St. Petersburg State University and earned my bachelor’s degree in laser physics. This is where I met and married my wonderful husband and moved to the United States.

My husband and I have been married for 28 years and together we have 9 children, a dog, and 2 cats and love living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

Before acquiring my Real Estate license, I ran my own business as a Russian-English medical interpreter; interpreting for clients in hospitals, schools, businesses, banks and more. As a real estate professional, I see real estate as a tangible way of helping people of all backgrounds to achieve their dream of owning a home.

I will strive to go the extra-mile for people around me and support and advocate for my clients.

In my spare time, I love traveling, watching my boys play football, cooking, and reading.

I look forward to helping people achieve their dream no matter what social or financial background they have.

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