Eric Unger

Hello, my name is Eric Unger. I spent my formative years in Germany before moving to the United States with my parents. My family and I settled in Rockingham County because we fell in love with the beauty of the Valley and loving family living close by.

I received my advanced degree from Spotswood High School and spent a short stint at Blue Ridge Community College before deciding to pursue my Real Estate career full time. I’ve chosen a real estate profession because of my previous work experience and my interest in home construction and remodeling. I love helping people and learning how to overcome new problems every day.

I currently reside with my loving family of 5 and I have one brother and one sister. In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities, playing board games, and cleaning cars. I speak fluent German and conversational Russian.

As your real estate agent, I will be a great communicator who will easily understand what you want and the best way to get that for you. I’m exceptionally organized and will be highly committed to my clients.

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