Augusta County Fair

The Augusta County Fair is a once-a-year opportunity to see and experience some of the things that make the Shenandoah Valley such an amazing place to live! Denise Glover, Sandi Painter, Millie Cook, and many others from our Augusta County team enjoy setting up each year to meet new people and catch up with friends they haven’t seen for a while.

Each summer, the Fair offers the community a chance celebrate the Valley’s agricultural heritage as 4H/FFA youth and local producers showcase and compete with their livestock and crops. There’s also a wide variety of street and drag races, demolition derbies, truck and tractor pulls, and motor cross races. Not to mention all of the amazing food! Sandi even ventured out into the heat to secure a funnel cake from one of the many local food vendors.

At Kline May Realty, we believe that in order to serve our community best we need to be a part of it. Participating in the Augusta County Fair each year is just one of the ways in which we learn and grow. Denise said it best, “I love working for Kline May and these sorts of events are exactly why. We want folks to know we are in and around and care about the people in the community and that we are available for them whenever and wherever!”