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Harrisonburg Real Estate Market Report - August, 2014

Click here to download Market Update charts for August 2014.

August was another strong month for our local real estate market, with sales and new contracts remaining at healthy levels. Here are a few highlights:

  • There were 101 residential sales in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County in the month of August, a strong number for our area, equaling May as the third best month of the year so far.
  • August's sales continued the strong trend we have been experiencing since May, although overall sales are still a bit (4.72%) below last year's sales at the end of August.
  • Buyers and Sellers ratified new contracts on 122 properties in August, representing the third best month of the year and an encouraging 8.9% increase from July.
  • Pricing remained steady, with the 12-month average sales price dipping less than $100 from last month to $199,062; and the 12-month median sales price climbing slightly from last month to $176,750.
  • Inventory has remained strong in both the City and County, with Harrisonburg inventory climbing slightly to 217 homes for sale (identical to inventory at this time last year) and Rockingham County inventory dropped slightly to 448 homes for sale, 5.9% more than last August.
  • The average Days on Market for homes sold in the past 12 months now stands at 168 days, although many homes sell much more quickly. This overall number takes into account homes which sell and have been on the market for a very long time, keeping the average up. So far this year 48% of the homes that have sold were on the market for more than 120 days, while 38% of the homes sold were sold in less than 90 days. This reinforces the notion that we have an active market and homes that are priced and presented properly are selling relatively quickly, while homes that have been on the market for a long time due to pricing or condition issues are now likely "chasing the market down" by lowering their asking price until the home finally sells.
Click here to view or download our Market Activity Charts for August 2014.

New and Improved Market Report

Hello all, Aimee here blogging on behalf of Kline May Realty and our family of agents.

If you didn't catch our real estate market report for July 2014, we'd like to clue you in on some changes that we made to the report.

Thanks to Swartz Photography, the professional photography company contracted by Kline May Realty to photograph all of our listings, we now have incorporated gorgeous Valley images into the monthly real estate market report. We hope that you enjoy looking at the pictures every month!

In addition to the new photography, we also have an informational page dedicated to each area of the county, where you'll be able to quickly determine whether the 12 month average sales price, units sold year to date, and months supply of inventory is up or down.


Fun Fall To-Do List

Hello all, Aimee here blogging on behalf of Kline May Realty and our family of agents.

Can you believe that we're talking about fall already? Fall in the Valley is a special time of year for many. Are you looking for something fun to do this fall? Check out this Top 10 list for inspiration.

1. Drive Skyline Drive and enjoy the fall foliage. Remember, the leaves turn up in the mountains before the leaves turn down here in the Valley. Our leaves are already starting to turn a bit in Grottoes! Crazy, right?
2. Tailgate a JMU home football game. Click here for their schedule. 3. Take a hike and enjoy the leaves from the woods instead of the road. 4. Help support Shriner's Children's Hospitals and attend the 29th Annual Grand Caverns Bluegrass Festival on September 4th-September 6th at Grand Caverns in Grottoes, VA.
5. Visit the 48th annual Mennonite Relief sale on October 3rd-October 4th at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds.
6. Go pick a pumpkin at a local farm.


New After Hours Phone Service

Hello all, Aimee here blogging on behalf of Kline May Realty and our family of agents.

We have something new that we're trying out, and we'd love to tell you all about it. Kline May Realty now has an after hours phone service.

If you would call Kline May Realty after hours this evening, you will no longer get an automated message. Say goodbye to pressing 1 for an agent or pressing 2 to leave a voicemail because now Kline May Realty is working with the Harrisonburg-based People's Choice Answering Service to make our customer experience more personable and pleasurable.

Nights, mornings, weekends, holidays, and snow days, you can call Kline May Realty with your real estate questions, and the People's Choice Representative will get you connected with a Realtor.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Harrisonburg Real Estate Market Report - July, 2014

Click here to download Market Update charts for July 2014.

Wow, July was an amazing month for the local real estate market! Here are a few highlights:

  • There were 120 residential sales in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County in the month of July, the highest monthly total since August of 2007.July's sales continued a recent trend of very high activity after a much slower than normal first quarter. After being over 20% behind last year's sales at the end of March, the year-over-year deficit has been reduced to 3.9%.
  • Buyers and Sellers ratified new contracts on 112 properties in July. While not as strong as the past couple of months, this still represents very good buyer activity in our market.
  • Pricing remained fairly flat, with the 12-month average sales price rising slightly to $199,160, and the 12-month median sales price falling slightly to $175,600.


Kline May Realty surpasses $100 million in sales volume

On August 6th, Kline May Realty passed $100 Million in sales volume for 2014 as measured by the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Association of Realtors (HRAR). Kline May Realty has reached this milestone only one day behind 2013's sales volume pace, which is a positive sign that the local real estate market is catching up from the slow start to the year. Karl Waizecker, broker of Kline May Realty, commented "We have over 50 agents and staff who are committed to helping our residential clients by providing the best service possible. We focus on each client, and at the end of the transaction we allow every customer to evaluate us. Based on these evaluations, we have over a 99.0% client satisfaction rate for both buyers and sellers. Our success has been based upon the focus our agents give every single transaction."

We'd Love It If You'd Review Us on Google

Hello all, Aimee here blogging on behalf of Kline May Realty and our family of agents.

Feedback is important to us, and we'd love it if you'd review us on Google.

Simply Google "Kline May Realty," and you will see a box to the right of your computer screen with a photo of our office and a map of our Evelyn Byrd location. If you have a Google account, simply sign-in, and you will see a "Review Us" pop-up on your screen. If you're already signed-in, the pop-up will appear automatically.

If you don't have a g-mail account, no problem. Click here for a presentation with step-by-step instructions.

Have a Happy Friday!

Zillow Acquires Trulia

Yesterday, Zillow announced the acquisition of Trulia, and since that news broke, there has been a lot of talk about what will happen when two large real estate websites join forces.

At Kline May Realty, we pride ourselves on building relationships and educating our buyers and sellers about the real estate process, and that can't be done through a computer screen. Searching for homes is easily done online; however, there is so much more to a real estate transaction than finding a home on the Internet.

A popular real estate blog shared this story: "A few years ago, my older son and his wife bought their first home. They found that home on Zillow and told their agent, "this is the home we'd like to live in". The agent helped them decide on a target price. She helped them negotiate that price with the seller. She found the industry professionals they needed and coordinated the inspections, the walk-throughs and the appraisal. She helped them work with an attorney and a mortgage professional.


Kline May Realty's YouTube Channel

Hello all, Aimee here blogging on behalf of Kline May Realty and our family of agents.

I just wanted to remind you that Kline May Realty has its very own YouTube channel. You can find it at

As some of you may know, one service we offer to our sellers at Kline May Realty is the opportunity to have their home featured on an exclusive weekly television show that airs on a variety of local channels. The show, which has been running for over 10 years, airs in the following counties: Shenandoah, Page, Rockingham, Augusta, Highland, and Pendleton.


Upcoming Lawn Parties

Hello all, Aimee here blogging on behalf of Kline May Realty and our family of agents.

Who doesn't love delicious food, rides, local music, and a chance to have a great time?! Read on to learn more.

Like hot days spent riverside and chicken barbecues, lawn parties are a Valley summertime staple. Last year, we blogged about the McGaheysville lawn party, and it's hard to believe it's that time of year again! Time for more info on lawn parties! Mark your calendars for July, folks. It's a busy month for lawn parties.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the local tradition of lawn parties, they are like a fair but on a smaller scale. If you're from the north, lawn parties are quite similar to the church carnivals you may have attended in your community.


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