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Harrisonburg Real Estate
Harrisonburg Homes for sale

$184,900 - 2 Beds, 2 Full Baths - MLS #87788

Preston Lake VA and Harrisonburg Real Estate
Harrisonburg Homes for sale

$489,500 - 6 Beds, 4.5 Baths - MLS #86967

Harrisonburg Real Estate
Mount Solon Homes for sale

$549,000 - 2 Beds, 2.5 Baths - MLS #86485

Mount Solon Homes for sale

$549,000 - 4 Beds, 4 Baths - MLS #88717

Most Recent Listings

503 5th St
Grottoes, VA
MLS# 531536

501 Pointe Dr
Harrisonburg, VA
MLS# 531534

402 East Rockingham St
Elkton, VA
MLS# 531530

31 Venus Dr
Waynesboro, VA
MLS# 531510

5106 Cedar Run Trl
Broadway, VA
MLS# 531472

All new Rockingham County listings

685 Leaport Rd
Verona, VA
MLS# 531554

452 Crimora Mine Rd
Crimora, VA
MLS# 531552

251 Rosser Ave
Waynesboro, VA
MLS# 531549

22 Villa View Dr
Staunton, VA
MLS# 531547

311 Pleasant Ter
Staunton, VA
MLS# 531539

All new Augusta County listings

419 WEST Clifford
Winchester, VA
MLS# WI8594618

1060 Orchard
Winchester, VA
MLS# WI8594188

2035 Taylor Grace
Winchester, VA
MLS# WI8594037

2602 Windwood
Winchester, VA
MLS# WI8591293

561 Bellview
Winchester, VA
MLS# WI8590921

All new Northern Valley listings

Market Overview

  Active New* Avg. Price
Single Family 677 686 $280,410
  Active New* Avg. Price
Single Family 862 962 $246,083
  Active New* Avg. Price
Single Family 1,090 0 $329,022
MultiFamily 34 0 $331,398

* New activity is within the past 2 weeks.

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May 1, 2015

For first-time buyers, purchasing a home can be so exciting -- and a little scary too. My name is Erin Chiles, and I'm a Senior Mortgage Consultant with Movement Mortgage. Let's see if I can ease some of the anxiety that can be associated with buying a new home by explaining some of the process to you. If you want more information, I am always available to answer questions specific to your situation, at no cost.

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Mortgage Advice for First-Time Buyers

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